SIA Security Training

SIA Security Training

It is essential that individuals working in the private security industry undergo a structured training programme that results in a recognised qualification.

As part of the SIA licensing function, individuals applying for a front line SIA licence must prove that they are properly qualified to do their job. If they don’t hold one of the SIA-endorsed qualifications then their licence application will be refused.

We believe that this will result in a more competent and professional workforce. It will also improve the public image of the private security industry and make it more attractive to potential employees.

Level 2 Award in Door Supervision

This four day course is based on the SIA specification for core competency training for Door Supervisors, which covers the necessary understanding and skills required by individuals who work to provide a more secure leisure environment and culminates in four multiple-choice exams.

The course now includes the new requirement for a day’s training on Physical Intervention Skills

Course Syllabus

Common Security Industry Knowledge

    Awareness of the Law in the Private Security Industry
    Health and Safety for the Private Security Operative
    Fire Safety Awareness
    Emergency Procedures
    The Private Security Industry
    Communication Skills and Customer Care

Door Supervision

    Behavioural Standards
    Civil and Criminal Law
    Drugs Awareness
    Recording Incidents and Crime Preservation
    Licensing Law
    Emergency Procedures

Conflict Management

    Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
    Defusing Conflict
    Resolving and Learning from Conflict
    Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Door Supervisors

Physical Intervention Skills

    Introduction to Physical Skills
    Disengagement Techniques
    Escorting Techniques

 Level 2 Award in CCTV 

This four day course is designed to provide basic job training that meets the SIA requirements for licensing, culminating in two multiple-choice exam and a practical assessment.

Course Syllabus

Working in the Private Security Industry 

    Purpose of the Private Security Industry (PSI)
    Legislation that is relevant to the PSI
    Health and Safety in the Workplace
    Principles of Fire Safety
    Non-fire Related Emergencies
    Effective Communication and Customer Care in the PSI

Working as a CCTV Operator

    CCTV Codes of Practice, Operational Procedures and Guidelines
    Legislation and how it impacts on CCTV operations
    Roles and Responsibilities of the CCTV Operator and other CCTV Staff
    Characteristics of a CCTV system
    Effective use of CCTV equipment
    Emergency Procedures in the CCTV Control Room

Practical Operation of CCTV Equipment

    Be able to operate CCTV Equipment
    Be able to demonstrate operational use of a CCTV System

Up-skilling Door Supervisors

If your existing Door Supervision certificate was attained prior to July 2010, you will need to take this top-up unit in order to re-apply for your License.

If you re-apply without this qualification the SIA will send you a Security Guarding license.

Who should attend?

Door Supervisors who undertook their qualification prior to the QCF Door Supervision qualifications (July 2010) and who need to renew their licence.

Course Length

2 Days.

Course Syllabus

Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry

    Understand physical interventions and the legal and professional implications of their use
    Understand how to reduce the risk of harm when physical intervention skills are used
    Be able to use non-pain related physical skills to protect yourself and others from assault
    Be able to use non-pain related standing holding and escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive skills.
    Understand good practice to follow after physical interventions.

Safety Awareness for Door Supervisors

    Understand counter terrorism issues relevant to Door Supervisors.
    Know the role of the Door Supervisor when first aid situations occur in licensed premises.
    Know legislation and requirements regarding children and young people relevant to Door Supervisors.

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SIA Security TrainingSIA Security TrainingSIA Security TrainingSIA Security TrainingSIA Security Training